Celebrating the strange, awkward poses and generally misguided choices people make to sell clothes on ebay.


1) How are you so good looking?
Thank you, I'm blushing.

2) Do you buy and sell on ebay also?
I do. My seller name is sakabab. Great deals! 100% positive feedback, baby!

3) Why are you so obsessed with ebay?
Wow, so many reasons. How to encapsulate. Being a die hard libertarian, ebay is the place for me. 99.9% of ebay buyers and sellers are just nice people conducting business nicely. It's a great society where fairness and reasonableness is rewarded, and cheating and rudeness is punished. It's people holding people accountable, and the governing body intervening only when the people can't work it out. Also, you get what you pay for. Still want to buy a super cheap item from a 97.6% positive feedback seller? You can - I do sometimes, but I know that it may be troublesome and I have little recourse. I like that the customer is not always right. You're simply a dopeshit if you think you can buy a genuine Balenciaga bag for a hundred bucks (who me? I totally did not do that). That said, you can open a case if there's a legitimate concern. And finally, I feel like I'm getting presents in the mail when my items arrive. Now you know waaaay too much about me.

4) Do you alter the photos?
Big N-O. I grab 'em right off ebay. I don't crop, add or delete anything. And why would I? I can't possibly improve on the amateurrificness!

5) Can I submit photos?
Please! Just be sure to send me the link to ebay, not just the photo. I can't guarantee I'll post it, but I'll do my best. Send to: amateurebaymodels@gmail.com